CLG LifeWay is the exclusive logo and branding provider with LifeWay. We started as LifeWay Logos in 2003 with the combined resources of Church Logo Gallery and LifeWay. While working with over 2000 churches, church leaders began asking for other brand related design, including stationery, connection cards, brochures, welcome materials, sermon slides, web headers and everything else you can imagine. We apply the same strategic design and brand thinking that goes into designing logos so all the elements of your brand work together to create an impactful experience for the people who engage with your church.

Since 2009, our work has received over 175 awards from organizations like Graphic Design USA Magazine, Logo Lounge, American Graphic Design and Advertising Awards, American Corporate Identity Awards, Design DNA, Basics Logos and other national publications. Our greatest reward continues to come from seeing the churches like yours grow and successfully reach your community.  

Everything we do starts with getting to know your church. Working one on one, we learn about the unique ways God has gifted your church, and how those gifts can be used to meet the needs of your ideal audience.

Branding is a collaborative effort that combines our knowledge and experience with your knowledge of the culture and vision of your church and community. The result is a unique solution that authentically and effectively communicates the vision and culture of your church.

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We welcome your inquiries. Contact us to see how our logo design and branding services can help your church. 

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